Groove Agent ignores midiclock?

How can the tempo be changed by the Groov Agent through midiclock signals?
I have used different programs as midiclock masters.
GA stubbornly stays at its 120 bpm no matter what tempo I set in Cubase or Virtual DJ.
Tried in GA:
-externally clocked
-Tempo Fixed
-Tempo Track

Where is the option “receive Midiclock”?
Can I see incoming midiclock signals in GA?

(My gigs are in the next few days. Please help).

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Important to say: I use Groove Agent as a standalone version, and try to use midiclock signals (from Cubase or Virtual DJ) in GA for tempo control…

Many DAWs and Standalone Hosts won’t support a MIDIclock slave mode. That’s true for all Steinberg products as well, for a very good reason.

best regards
Gerrit Junge

Is the “good reason” that I shall only use Steinberg-products?
Sorry but have just learned from one of their colleagues that maybe Groove Agent as a standalone can´t be synced via Midiclock input…
In today’s workflow, products from different manufacturers must also be able to communicate with each other. Anything else is not up to date.

I paid a lot of money for steinberg products.
But some tasks are to solve from other brands.
(I can´t DJ with Cubase but very well with Virtual DJ)
So please don´t tell me, that this kind of communication between different softwares is not allowed.

If we are talking about a MIDI clock slave mode in Cubase or Standalone, then this is not supported (allowed) between different software/hardware nor between Steinberg only software/hardware products simply because it never will work flawlessly.

Out of sheer curiosity, how long are you dealing with “synchronization DAWs via MIDI clock” already?

best regards
Gerrit Junge

Sehr geehrter Herr Junge, ich gehe mal davon aus dass wir auf Deutsch weiter kommunizieren können. Sie interessieren sich für mein Problem aus reiner Neugier? Und ich dachte, Sie wollen den Käufern Ihrer Produkte helfen…
Nicht wenige professionelle DJs steuern aus ihrer DJ Software anspruchsvolle Lichtprogramme und nutzen dazu MIDI Clock Signale.
Im Zusammenhang mit entsprechenden MIDI Controllern werde ich ein gutes Zusammenspiel von virtuell DJ und groove Agent schon hinbekommen. Das lassen Sie mal meine Sorge sein.
Wenn ich als professioneller Musiker die bei Ihnen gekaufte Software kreativ einsetze, müssten Sie das doch begrüßen.

Also noch mal die konkrete Frage: gibt es einen Freeware host, oder ein sonstiges Programm, von dem der Groove Agent Tempo Steuerungsbefehle akzeptiert?

Translation for all who are interested in this post:

<<Dear Mr. Boy, I assume that we can continue to communicate in German. Are you interested in my problem out of curiosity? And I thought you wanted to help the buyers of your products…
Quite a few professional DJs use their DJ software to control sophisticated lighting programs and use MIDI clock signals.
In connection with corresponding MIDI controllers, I will be able to achieve a good interaction between virtual DJ and groove agent. Don’t worry about that.
If I, as a professional musician, use the software you have purchased creatively, you would have to welcome that.

So again the concrete question: is there a freeware host, or some other program from which the Groove Agent Tempo accepts control commands?>>

Not sure what you mean by control commands…but bpm, sample count, etc…are part of the VST protocol.

I’m not sure if this would serve your needs, but it would cost nothing to have a look at Bidule. I don’t know that it supports MTC, but it still might be what you’re looking for. It ‘could’ play a SMPTE stripe (the kind we used to put on a track of analog tape decks to sync stuff up) that gear which can understand this LTC code can sync with. Software and hardware exists that’ll convert that old analog LTC to MIDI/MTC.

Bidule provides building blocks where you can supply or get information such as asio sample count, time signature, bpm, samples per ppq, last bar started, if the host/transport is playing or stopped, cycle start/end positions, looping status, etc.

These sync pins in bidule correspond to VST protocol information that hosts can pass along to plugins. Not all hosts send all that info, but…the protocol supports it, and Bidule can snoop and use or otherwise manipulate those signals in real time.

It can provide the master clock, or it can get it from the host when run as a plugin inside said host (if it provides the information according to VST protocols).

It has bidules to convert MIDI, or networked OSC to VST controls and vice verse.

It’s a fascinating Swiss army knife of a MIDI/AUDIO tool!

Perhaps you could host your instance of Groove Agent inside Bidule, and get remote control over ‘tempo’ from there.

I.E. Have a transport in Bidule. Sync Groove Agent to this transport. Then bind MIDI or VST events to manipulate the Tempo/Time Signature at will.

You could also have bidules to ‘switch’ among sync sources at will I think. I.E. Have more than one transport running, and be able to change which one your GA Instance is synced up with via remote.

If you have the plugin version of Bidule, you can also sync to the host itself. A good host will constantly provide tempo information to plugins. With bidule, you can snoop and manipulate those host sync signals in real time to stuff hosted in further down inside Bidule.