Groove agent in cubase Le 8?

Hi there,

I just purchased an update to cubase LE 8 from Le 5 that I’ve been using for years. I was looking forward to using groove agent to create drum tracks but it doesn’t show up at all even though it said it was installed… Is groove agent meant to be included in LE 8…

Thanks a lot,

same for me. I upgraded to Cubase le ai elements 8 from Cubase le 4. Groove agent and contents is listed in installer, but does not show in cubase. I bought the upgrade for groove agent, which was listed. No real help from Steinberg. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with administrator for all users, checked file location etc. I wonder if the install package is corrupt?

Glad it’s not just me…I can’t find any information anywhere to see exactly what should be contained in which version of cubase 8. I also installed several times, also as administrator.
I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

GA Se is part of Cubase Elements but is not included in AI or LE versions. As far as I know.
Elements, AI and LE versions share the same installer. That’s why it is there.
But it is the license that determines which features are available.