Groove Agent is Great

Really love the new Grove agent, Really impressed with the kits .
Im a drummer and have a Roland kit , and I been waiting for
this along time, Im pretty Steinberg hardcore as I only use Yamaha
Steinberg, this is great with HALion 5 :smiley:

I do use Kontakt for its libraries wish Steinberg would release more HALion

…totally agree with you iRan. I just got my hands on it today and it’s amazing.
A lot deeper than the SE version and I think it’s really matured with this recent
reincarnation. I’m looking to update to Halion 5 soon as I’m hearing great things
about that as well.

I’m getting ready to purchase GA4 myself. You mentioned you have a Roland E-kits, are you triggering GA4 with it? I have a Yamaha DTX950K E-kit and was hoping I could trigger with GA4. I too love Steinberg and Yamaha.