Groove Agent issue with V-drum TD11

Hey guys,
I am using GA5 with my Roland V-drum TD11 and facing a very strange error:

While hitting the side of the Hihat pad, the GA, for some reason, mapping it into Hihat+Bass sound.
It means that every time I hit the side of the Hihat I am getting also bass sound (and a midi note).

This issue is unique to GA (it happened when I used GA3 with Cubase 7 and also now in GA5 with Cubase 11).

I am not facing it while using any other VST! For example, when i’m using Hallion Sonic SE, I get a single note.

Does anyone have an idea how can I solve it?

For whom it may assist in the future, I think I got it.

The problem was that the V-drum module is set to trigger the side hits of the Hi-Hat as low notes in the drum map (D0 and I think D2). Now, most of the kits in Groove Agent are setting these notes for loops. So basically, It wasn’t just the HiHat+Kick sound, but the first note of a drum loop.

Switching to the ‘Pattent’ panel, finding the problematic loops, right-click, and mapping them to an empty note (such as D8 for example) - solved the issue.