Groove agent Kit Presets

Is is possible to save a kit include it samples and send it to a different computer ?

yes, there is an otpion to save with samples

But it won´t save samples from “Agents”, as far as I know

It works for you own made kits.
On some payed or allready there kits, it will not work and not save the samples with it.

but where does it save it ? sometimes i drag sounds from my own project and when i finalize the project , i remove it from the computer .
I still want to keep the kit , lets say in a “my presets” folder somewhere in my HD. how do i do that ? am i missing anything ?

You must differentiate between saving a kit, export a kit and saving a preset. You should always save rather a preset (in the upper left corner of GA window) than a kit. It will save the complete configuration of your GA project, including all the paths to the samples used, effects etc. This preset is saved in VST plugin folder of your DAW.

If you want to save a kit with samples go “Export kit with samples” and you should be able to choose the destination.

Thanks for the detailed answer . i finally found the export kit with samples option !