Groove Agent kits missing after upgrade

So … upgraded to Cubase 9 and all my Groove Agent kits seem to have disappeared. Don’t think it’s anything I’ve done - anyone else had a similar problem or could suggest a fix ? This is for the full version of GA4, not GA4 SE


Same problem here. Fresh isntallation of everything on a new PC.

I can see and use the Groove Agent but it only contains two kits. However when I go to the Media Bay and I can see several hundred samples / wav files for all the missing kits.

Literally no solutions exist.

It is literally false advertising at this point to promote a product that doesn’t actually function or come with the features promised.

Uninstall Groove Agent SE 4 (or Groove Agent 4) and all of its content and then reinstall it using the full Cubase installer. This fixes it for most people.