Groove Agent kits missing

I noticed that the files for two kits appear to be missing from my Groove Agent ONE VST. When I open up G.A.O., I can see Percussion 1 and Percussion 2 listed, but when I select them, I get the following error message: Groove Agent ONE failed to locate 32 samples. I get the same message when I try to pull up Percussion 2. Any ideas on how I can recover these? I did try reinstalling the VST Sound Collection disc, but it didn’t change anything.

HELP! :astonished:

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I see you’ve been having similar problems for quite a while (

I too have encountered this exact same problem with a trial on Cubase Elements 6. The purchased version worked fine so a total reinstallation might be something to consider.

Here is more info on this:

I had this problem with Cubase 5 and it was because I didn’t run the Custom setup, which gives you the option of installing all the extra Groove Agent content and several other things. There’s also the question of install locations (some folks find the required files in the wrong folder on their systems). This post explains how to install the additional content, and how to make sure the files are in the right place.

Good luck.