Groove Agent Laser Beams

In the download assistant, I don’t see Laser Beams available to download. I only have SE but thought it came with that. Any suggestions as to where to find this?

Help is much appreciated! Thank you

What is Laser Beams? I don’t know what you mean. A kit and styles? Where did you see it?

Laser Beams is part of Groove Agent 5 SE in Cubase 10 Pro - I’m not sure if it is included in lower editions of Cubase. It’s available in my full 10.0.20 installation in the drop down menu at the top of the preset browser in Groove Agent SE - I have SE Studio Kit, Allan Morgan Signature Drums, Groove Agent ONE, Laser Beams, Production Grooves, Rock Pop Toolbox, SE Kits and The Kit SE. No separate installation was required; it’s part of the full Cubase installer.

In the unpacked Windows installer, the Laser Beams files are in Additional Content\VST Sound\Groove Agent SE 5 Kits Content. If you have the two files but Laser Beams is not installed, double clicking one of them should install Laser Beams.

I didn’t know about that. I will have to check it out.

Thanks David, yeah, I have everything you have except Laser Beams. When you say " installer" you just mean the installer for Cubase 10 as a whole? I’m wondering if I have to download all that again just to get Laser Beams. Maybe that’s the only/easiest way. Thanks for your response BTW

If you still have an unpacked installer to hand, you could try double clicking the “FCP_SMT_779_GASE_Laser_Beams” file in the “Additional Content\VST Sound\Groove Agent SE 5 Kits Content” folder. This should start Steinberg Library Manager and install both files in that folder.

If not, then your best bet is downloading the Cubase Pro 10.0.20 Full installer. When you unpack it, you might get away with double clicking the file I just mentioned - otherwise run the installer and reinstall Cubase.