Groove Agent Maschine MK3 template?

I searched on the internet for a template to utilise Maschine MK3 with Groove Agent in midi mode, but I have only managed to find an older version of the template - it doesn’t work for MK3 as it is a different file (now .ncm3 instead of previous .ncm).

Anyone has this or can point me in the right direction?

Thank you very much.

You can use the Maschine “Controller Editor” to build your own template.
It’s even easier to do with IK Multimedia iRig Pads, and their editor, where it is very straightforward, without confusing options, to build your own Groove Agent/Beat Agent Midi Templates.
I have a Maschine mikro Mk2, but I prefer using the iRig Pads’ functionality (they work as well with iPad and the Beat Agent equivalent Digistix) and the smaller overall size.

Thank you

I am also trying to assign Transport controls myself, so I can use play/stop… etc. buttons but I don’t know the parameter id names

Can you also assign these with ik multimetia rig?

Yes, in Goove Agent you have to activate your device for midi in, and then you can define the Midi Note numbers fitting your GA pads in the iRig editor.

In GA, trigger pads and instruments pads should be set to different midi channels, to avoid confusion.