Groove Agent meta thread

For those who are looking for a brush kit.

Not sure if the Dorico distro of GA has the Groove Agent ONE files or not.

If you see this “Groove Agent ONE” library on your system there might be a hidden gem for you.

Long ago these were part of Cubase and use an older Groove Agent plugin. For whatever reasons the presets aren’t seen in newer version of Groove Agent, but I’ve extracted a few of them in a way that should work (Installed and Loaded GA1 in Cubase. Saved the presets there, and they showed up in GA4/5!). Here they are!
GA1 GM (217.2 KB)

Not sure about Macs (should be something similar)? But on Windows unzip the presets into your “Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent SE\Program” folder.

Here’s a thread with more details…