Groove Agent MIDI output is off-tempo

I have a really weird problem, and I can’t figure it out.

I have been using Nuendo and Cubase for a LONG time, but I am new to Groove Agent.
I want to use the Pattern modes… especially the Acoustic Agent, and output a midi file.
I am running Cubase 8.5 pro with Groove Agent SE4 on a custom Win10 machine.
There are no hardware or memory issues. The rig is solid.

I set everything up, I am able to record GA’a MIDI output… but it is off, tempo wise… sometimes. It has random beats that are off by just a touch. Less than a 128th.
I have checked and double checked my Quant settings and such… but I can’t find any that are on. And it doesnt put the beats on-time or anything.
There seems to be no pattern. It isn’t certain samples or certain patterns.
If I do it twice, I don’t even get consistent variations.

Please Help!
I feel like I am missing some ‘humanization’ output setting or something… but I am not.
I don’t want to just drag patterns in… because I want to actively adjust the complexity settings and the like during the recording… and have granular control after. But I need the MIDI output to match the actual output.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem.
It is two midi files…
Lane 2 is the pattern I am outputting through GA… dragged over. When I solo it, it plays perfect.
Lane 1 is the recorded MIDI output.
You can see in the top the summation of them… and every few beats there are double hits.
It is not just humanization… cuz it sounds awful. Plus… I made sure there wasn’t any randomization or humanization on initial playback.

Can Anyone help?


So, update… I updated to Cubase 9, and whatever GA SE that ships with it… and the problem persists.

Can anyone confirm that they have normal operation doing this?

In case anyone had this problem- It is solved.

I incidentally switched audio interfaces… and it cleared up.
The Driver? Asio4All. Not that that caused it… it might have been gremlins… but its fine now. Well… almost fine. It comes through with fixed latency- but I nudge it and it’s perfect.