Groove agent missing samples

Hi, ok this is what i recall,
2 months ago i uninstalled pro 9, today i opened my 8.5 only to find 116 missing files from grove agent?
any advise please?
thank you

Cubase 9 has 50 new drum kits. Make sure that Production Grooves is uninstalled.

To make sure that nothing else is missing, download the full 8.5 installer from your MySteinberg, or take the chance to upgrade to Cubase 9.5 since you’ll have to download the 9.5 full installer to upgrade from 8.5 anyway.

hi, yes pro grooves is still there… but it looks like a whole lot more is missing, halion presets etc… cubase freezing, missing audio… if i reinstall 8.5 will this replace the missing files etc?
thank you

Yes, just make the full installer reinstall every item.

Thank you Roman i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Yes… worked a treat thank you Roman :slight_smile: