Groove Agent Multiple Outputs in Ableton Live 10


i’m having problem with sending the audio data from Groove Agent 5 inside Ableton Live 10. I would like to route the signal from Groove Agent mixer to Ableton Live mixer for mixing purposes. Ableton Live is my DAW of choice, though i love the sounds of Steinberg Absolute pack and i would like to use the full capability of Groove Agent inside my DAW.

The problem is, altough i route signal inside GA 5 mixer to Out 2 - Ableton Live Audio Track does’nt seem to see the signal from the output of Groove Agent.

And there is a small red exclamation mark where it says Out 2. I share screens of the settings i did.

Please tell me there is some kind of workaround. I am willing to use third party plugins on diffrent kits in GA 5, now, i can use only the build in GA 5 effects which is not the best solution.

Best regards