Groove Agent & Old DAW!

Greetings to you, dear forum visitors! :slight_smile:

I want to buy from “steinberg” “Groove Agent 4”, BUT! I work on the old systems
“Pro Tools 24 MIX” on old MacOS and I use Logic 6-7.

  1. Can I access the previous versions of the “GA” necessary for me?
  2. I read on different forums that “GA” in the old Logic makes arbitrary stops!
    Whether this bug has been fixed.
  3. They also wrote that sometimes “GA” in the old Logic does not follow the automation commands!
    I decided at first to contact the forum before asking these questions in support.
    Since it is likely there could be users who worked with this pair in Millennium years.
    I apologize for writing about this new topic, since I believe that it is already difficult to find this information today!

With best wishes! Alexander. :slight_smile: