Groove Agent One and Beat Designer group assignment


I’m just starting using Cubase 6 and have a Problem with Groove Agent One in combination with Beat Designer:

I loaded the GAO in the VST rack, put some sounds on the pads of a random group of the GAO. Then I used beat designer as an insert effect and could nicely refer to the sounds of GAO group 3. Then I also put some sounds in the GAO group 1. But if I switch to that group beat designer still refers to the sounds of GAO group 3. Even if I delete the beat designer and create a new one with initially the GAO switched to group 1 it stills sticks to group 3. Is there a parameter I can configure to refer to the right group? Or is there even a better solution with multiple GAO devices?

Thanks a lot

I figured it out: Had the key-mapping wrong.