Groove Agent One - Automation of Pad C1 Volume Conflict?

While trying to record automation of the volume knob for Pad C1 (and only this pad), the automation track kept reverting to the label “ProgramList” (note: “init” seems to be the only option / setting for the ProgramList automation track)

…furthermore, the automation lane data recorded, but when played back, no volume knob movement? and no detectable change in volume for that pad?

I am using Cubase 6.0.5 (x64) on Windows 7 (x64)

As a utility for playing back samples, and due to the super easy drag 'n drop interface… Groove Agent One is such a under estimated and under touted feature of Cubase. I hope and encourage your development team to keep adding features and refining this “power tool” It is so handy to be able to drag and drop any source of audio, or even a region from a larger audio file to a pad and immediately play back using a keyboard! This is tool that I would love to see continue to grow, and become more feature rich!

Last comments for the Groove Agent One dev team… the “Attack Mod” currently seems to behave the opposite way of what most other drum samplers would do… and it seems like the Modulation should make the attack shorter again if more velocity is applied…? A harder hit = harder and more obvious attack? right? well that is not the way that this currently behaves. You might make a setting that allows it to operate either way… or just make the knob “bipolar” instead. Also, please make the “Select via Midi input” option available on the “PLAY” screen as well… it is available from the other 3 options screens, but not when the “PLAY” button is enabled. PadLayer cross-fading would be nice too! :smiley:

Thanks for the great software!! ~Steve