Groove Agent One Crashes [VIDEO] Solved

I spoke about this for a year and no response from the Steinberg Team. So I figure I’d make a video to show you the problems and hopefully this can get looked into. :wink:

I have a project made with C6 32bits on Win7 and I’m trying to open it on OSX, and it crashes because Groove Agent.

It’s time to quit Groove Agent… :imp:

I have experienced this as well!
But i am using version 6.01, 32-bit.
I used GAO to program some drums, but when opening up the project the next day, Cubase chrashed when loading mixer. After removing vst-plugins, i eventually found out that the one causing the crash was Groove Agent One! After i removed it the project loaded fine, but then i have no drums…

I hope this will be fixed for the next patch…

:laughing: Hopefully Steinberg will chime in and address this. Admins?

I saved the vstpreset from my Win7 system to open it on an empty project on OSX and PUTZZZ!!

Installed 6.02 and now it opens the missing sample window.
Ah, now it’s better! :wink:

I’m about to give it a shot. Fingers crossed. :wink:

Thank you Steinberg!!! It works as expected… :smiley: