Groove Agent One (Cubase 6.5) Zoom????

Hi everybody,

I want to start of by saying that I really like Groove Agent One. :smiley:
There’s just 1 thing about it, which I can’t seem to appreciate:

I’m missing a zoom-button, when it comes to selecting a start&end point of the sample.

When I load a loop into one of the pads, and I’d like to use just one short sound in the loop, you can change the start and end-point of the sample (in this case “loop”).
BUT, I’m missing a zoom-function, to make sure that the start and end-points are really precise like I want them to be.

Am I the only one who has this problem??
Does anyone have a solution WITHIN Groove Agent One??

I can come up with a workaround method, but I would love to do it in Groove Agent One only…

Im afraid I dont know of any zoom and COMPLETELY agree, that it is “missing”. I mean, WHY allow adjustment if you cannot precisely SEE it!?!?

You will have to use a 3rd party zoomer, or OS zoom/magnifier, or your good ole ears (which is what I choose), Im sorry to say. ALL of us GAO users are stuck in this lame position.

GAO is lacking like 3-4 BASIC things, that would make it PERFECT. But its awesome as it is. :slight_smile:

I use Groove Agent One exclusively for drums. Like it a lot but you’re right, a zoom would help a lot. Also, it would be nice if GAO gave the option to copy samples to your working directory like Cubase does when you import waves into the arrange window. Then you could open the sample copy in an editor (Soundforge or whatever) or better yet, Cubase’s own wave editor, and fine tune it from there. Yeah, it would be helpful if GAO files where copied automatically into the pool, maybe with an extension to separate then? :sunglasses:

Okay,… so I think we all agree that this Zoom-function should be added to a new release 6.5.?? or even Cubase 7. Don’t we??

Let’s hope some Steinberg workers are reading through these topics, looking for things to make Cubase even more awesome!! :slight_smile:

Wow!!! Last night I received a personal message from god… LOL!! No, it was from “Rotund”. He’s a Neundo user and he explained me how to ZOOM with Groove Agent One…

So… it IS possible. It just seems like Steinberg didn’t add it to the manual.

Anyway… that being said;

Click and hold CTRL-key. And then slide the BEGIN or END Point of the loop/sample. That way you can zoom/finetune. There’s only 1 zoom option. So, at first it requires a few minutes (or seconds) of trying,… but in the end you get it. It’s best to first place the ZOOMED OUT Start or End point where you roughly want it to be. THEN you use this CTRL Zoom function.


Nice one, I’ll keep that in mind!

Oh wow… nice! :sunglasses:

It makes you wonder how many other cool tricks are out there that aren’t in the manual…

Exactly!! :wink:

Any of you actually get the zoom to work? For some reason, I cannot. :neutral_face:

I hope this isnt a cruel joke being played…lol

Its working great for me. You gotta make sure you’re hovering over the blue start or end point and you see cursor turn into horizontal arrows before you ctrl click.

Hmm. I cannot get it to work. I know it can happen, as its in the manual. Well, the “plugin reference” manual. Page 80.

Something must be wrong on my end…cannot get it to zoom for anything. :cry:

Well I got it to do SOMETHING like zoom, though, its no way near what I expected…?

Is this the “zoom”? Kind of funky, imo. :neutral_face:

Also this was using the command key rather than control. On a mac. Perhaps that is the control key though? lol

Yeah thats it. It does zoom in REALLY close :smiley:

Do any of you find this “zoom” usable? Im finding it rather awkward and cumbersome.

Why in the world would they implement a one setting zoom in the first place?!? With no vertical zoom?!? I hate to complain, but this seems silly! In my book, this does NOT suffice :exclamation: , sorry. :cry: