Groove Agent One disappeared from 8.0->8.5?

I just installed 8.5 and tried to open a project that has an instance of Groove Agent One and 8.5 says it doesn’t exist. Has it been removed and if so, is there any way to copy it from the 8.0 install so it works with 8.5?


  • Jason

You have to put the .vst3 file into the .vst3 folder in C: program files —> Steinberg —> Cubase 8.5 —> VST3

Should be the same location you put it in when you updated to 8 from 7.5. If you need to download the Groove Agent One files again, you can find them by searching the downloads on this site.

EDIT: Never mind, just noticed you’re on MAC. Anyway, it’s whatever you did last time to get it back when you upgraded from 7.5. I just don’t know where the location is on a MAC, sorry.

Thanks, I should be able to figure that out. So I think you’re saying it disappeared a while ago and I copied it once. I must have, but I sure don’t remember!

  • Jason

Thank you!