Groove Agent One Drum maps?

Should these be stored in a particular place within Cubase 6.5 or C7? Or are they showing up as part of an old install of Cubase that are no longer needed? :confused:

They show up in My Documents in Win7 right now. Things like: Anna Hop Kit.drm, Banger.drm, BangerCD.drm, etc. Are these outdated files?

Has anybody confirmed these are old files that I should not keep? Should I put them in another place? Thanks?

I do not know facts about this.
But maybe try the safe route.
Make a copy and put it on Usb stick, make another copy again,stash it somewhere else on your harddrive and delete the old folder, see what happens?

Yes sir, thanks! I am thinking that it is quite old, probably C5 or C6. I removed it and my C6.5 found the same files somewhere else. So I simply deleted these. And thank you for checking in, I appreciate it.