groove agent one failed to locate samples

This is the error message when I try and load a preset in groove agent :groove agent one failed to locate samples. Dont know where to locate samples. ANyone know?

Are you using your own samples loaded into Groove Agent? If so, locate the folder on your computer that has those samples that you loaded into Groove Agent, did you move them to a different folder? If they are absent from the pool then this can happen, I suggest keep them in the pool, and then reload them into Groove Agent?

If you are using presets, this is what I recommend, if you are on PC, locate your Steinberg folder, so, Steinberg>Cubase 7>Cubase 7 for Windows>Additional Content>VST Sound,

In there you will find GrooveAgentSE you will also see grooveagent content and groove agent.vstsound
make sure those are there, if not you might have to re-install grooveagent

Select the folder in the Media Bay where your samples are located.