Groove Agent ONE for Cubase 11


I’m having some challenges. I used Cubase Artist 6 until last week. That suddenly stopped working and wasn’t opened anymore even though I tried to re-install it for couple of times. Well, I was forced to update to Cubase Artist 11 which was obviously something that needed to be done anyway.

So the challenge is, that I’ve used Groove Agent ONE in my tracks but since that isn’t anymore in Cubase 11, I basically would need to recreate the drums (at least select the the sounds) again using Groove Agent SE. And since I can’t open the Cubase 6 anymore, I’m not able to export the drum tracks as audio files.

I tried with the way instructed in the article " Installation of Groove Agent ONE on Cubase (Artist) 8 or later" , but the plug-in is still not visible in the plug-in list. So I basically downloaded the plug-in and moved the .bin and .vst3 files under my vst folder but still no luck.

I also made a ticket to Steinberg, but haven’t gotten yet an answer and I’m not holding my breath to get a lots of help from there.

If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it a lot! Big thanks!

Just thinking aloud. Are you on Windows 10? I would think you might want to get back to Cubase 6 somehow. I believe you could still run it alonside your newer vesion of Cubase. Did you try reinstalling v6 in compatibility mode?
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I would think 6 would be happy with a Windows 7 type install. I still run 6 LE today on Windows 10 without any issues .

A big thank you! I didn’t even know about the capability to run software in compatibility mode. So I just opened it in Windows 7 compatibility mode and got it to work. I got an error note about some Registry error that froze the start up at the first time. The error came when Cubase was loading SampleTank2 so there might have been an issue with it that caused the whole problem in the first place. I removed the plug in and got the Cubase 6 opened.

That really helped, you made my day! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome – glad it worked for you. I am still running XP-era software on Windows 10 using this install method.