Groove Agent One for MIDI replacement. Manual?

I want to try the drum replacement using hitpoints and Groove Agent One, but I can’t find the manual for GA. It’s the first time that I use GA so really I don’t quite know how to extract the MIDI info from the hitpoints to feed Groove Agent.


You can find the manual for GAO in the “Plugin Reference” PDF. Hope you get it worked out. :slight_smile:

Thanks SirJoseph.

I’m looking there now, but I think my approach is not the correct one.

I should export the Midi info from the hitpoints firs (like in this video: but since I have my drums all edited the midi from hitpoints are getting exported only from the first slide of audio (and I have a lot of them:

Maybe the only solution is bounce the edited tracks… but I don’t want to do any destructive process :neutral_face:

Well - I still do it the old-fashioned way.

Load the drum loop you want to use for samples in a audio track.
Then - let detect hit points (and make adjustments if necessary), and make slices from it in the audio editor. This results in a part on the audio track. Now do a “resolve part to events” in the audio menu. Select all those events and drag them to Groove agent one pads section.

Now all the slices are loaded in GA1.

You can even create a MIDI reference track to all the slices.

Click on the double arrow beneath the import/export buttons (Exchange section) in Groove Agent One and drag it to the arrange window. This results in a MIDI track that refer to all slices. Just use this midi track to play back all slices in original order.

You can use the voice editor in GA1 to adjust the samples even more (and even let them play backwards). Do not forget you can simply replace samples (like a kick or cymbal) by dragging a replacement sample to the cell you want to change.

Also - keep in mind you do not have to use GA1 for drums only. It is fun to use very different sounds and play them if needed by just using MIDI.

I hope this is what you where looking for.

Please excuse my bad English - it is not my native language.


Whoops - I just totally misunderstood what you where asking for.

Please ignore my stupid comments - this is purely my fault… :blush:


You need to use variaudio to create the midi track with converted hitpoints.

First establish the requried hitpoints then go to variaudio and hit extract which will create the new midi track which you use with groove agent.

Duplicate tracks, and mute the original. Then go to the track you want to edit. Edit-Select all on tracks -> Audio-Bounce.

This is what I did in the end. But still if for some weird reason I need to reedit some drum parts, I will have to do all over again, but well if there’s no option!

Cheers :nerd:

If you, or your drummer play tight enough, no need to slice the audio. Just leave the audio parts like they are, convert the hit points to midi and if necessary quantize a little the midi notes from snare, BD and toms. Leave the cymbals like they are, because audio quantizing ruins the sound in my opinion. You can’t move the midi notes too much though so only will work if the drummer is already pretty tight. Worth trying anyway.

What I found was that this is much better than e.g. with Drumagog.

Is for a gig really, I only use Snare and Kick as hitpoints and don’t do a hard quantize.

There’s nothing better that a good drummer… but seems like they are in extinction…