Groove Agent One Hi Hat Pedal Trick

I apologise if the solution to my problem has been posted elsewhere but I am totally stumped on how to do this. I have made a custom drum kit in Groove Agent One and I want to program it so when the Pedal Hi-Hat sound is played it will stop the Open Hi-Hat sample that is played before it. I know this is possible to do because it has been done in the preset kits like the Brush Kit however I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t see any option where I can link the two notes together.

I’ve forgotten for now what the exact protocol is for that. MSB LSB or sysex but there are experts here who can do this in their sleep.
Meanwhile try turning off the sysex filter in Preferences to see if that helps.

You could try loading the Brush kit as a template and then loading the Custom sounds onto the Brush kit pads.

Wait a min. Somethings coming back. Pad grouping? I’ll have to look at the thing to see what I can remember.

You need to look at the layering for the hat notes. Ole dimmo has forgotten exactly how. I’m pretty sure you determine what controls what in a layer grouping like the three hihat notes.

OK, I just found the solution. It was to do with the Mute Group dial in the Voice tab. I’m an idiot LOL. Thanks for your help though :slight_smile:. Lock/delete this thread please.

OK. Cheers.