Groove agent one is the best!

I Have Halion 4, Toontrack Superior drummer and EZ drummer with add ons.
But for all my projects I use…Groove agent one!

I even sampled entire Toontrack libraries so I can use them in GA. I also sampled all my drumsounds from my Korg Triton for that matter. And I sampled the Halion drumsounds as well :sunglasses:

Anyway,that for a bundled product, Groove agent is spot on. So I looked up Groove agent three but that is something completey different.
I really like the MPC style GUI. Drag/drop from the mediabay, layering, 16 outputs.
But I miss some editing features.

I went on looking for a similar third party product, but…There is none! I mean point me to a better looking, working GA one and I’ll buy it.

Point is, if Steinberg would make a payed version of this, and I don’t mean groove agent three, but a MPC style GUI with build in FX, one that contains it’s samples instead of pointing to them, in depth sample editor, playback flac and MP3, envelope generators, realtime key/pad assigner,etc etc, I would gladly pay for it!

Don’t give 'em ideas, Dylan!

It’s good to hear that someone like you who is pretty drum-based is using it as the mainstay. I’d been wondering for a while - I use it exclusively but was always wondering…

Nice to read!
…and I also use GA1 a lot.

But how can I copy (and save!) only one pad?
e.g. to use it in another GA1?
I think we need improvements soon…


Cool that you like it. I wish they’d picked a different name.

Groove Agent has actually been around for I think a few years in a completely different form than this, so to me it’s kind of confusing. The bundled GA is nothing like the one you had/have to pay for.

Totally agree about the name, I thought that Groove agent three was like the bundled one but then … more.
But glad to see I am not the only one.

Don’t give 'em ideas, Dylan!

:mrgreen: sorry you are right, in no time we get 6.7 1/2 for 49,- including a new groove agent. We don’t want that.

Yeah GAO is nice, easy to work with and nice collection of included sample material. To me the samples sound a bit too processed for my liking, but they’re useful nonetheless.
The mentioned improvements I would certainly use too, so feel free to put some more hours into GAO Steinberg :slight_smile:

have to have samples able to import… but there could be a need for a monolithic file format for easier use and sharing/distributing of kits.

They need to work on draggin hit-point slices straight to pads… that would be dope.

Groove Agent One would be ideal if the timing of that damn things wasn’t so messed up.

Layering /firing two samples at the exact same time just doesn’t work. Sometimes too early, sometimes too late, always giving you a nice comb filter for hats and crashes.

Maybe one sample has a few millisecconds before the transient kicks in.
Did you try trimming the start of the samples so the transients line up?

Greetz Dylan.

It chokes too bad for my liking, but most of the MPC style drum samplers do, like BAttery, Guru, etc. Only Poise can cope.

I noticed it when making speedcore, but then it choked badly on normal drum rolls.

Haven’t actually tried it since 5.5 days, so I really should, see if it improved, but Beat Designer needs tighter integration with it.

I did - the delay is also never the same - phasing is different every time. Best tested with the same sample loaded to two pads and triggered at the same time. Different Reactions all the time.

All I do now is simply layer my stuff beforehand and load it in afterwards. :slight_smile: Still it would be nice if I had the choice.

I don’t understand.

I put a kick on pad one and the same kick on pad 2. I route both to a different output.
Both kicks have the same volume etc etc etc.

I make a one bar loop. I hear no phasing.

To check further:

I reverse the fase on one of the channels result: absolutely no sound, they cancel eachother completely out.
So the behaviour you discribe I cannot reproduce.

Also routing to one channel I hear no phasing, but I cannot check a phase reverse on one kick offcourse but judging with my ears the timing is spot on.

Or do you mean something else?

Greetz Dylan.

What do you mean with choking?

I think he means when you have a large amount of polyphony going on (eg 1/16 hi hat ticks will cancel a open 1/4 note early)

I like using GA1 a lot too. The only thing I dislike is that, for a native instrument, it doesn’t automap its drum map. In understand needing to load up a drum map for other drum instruments, but since its in-house, it should automap. Otherwise it does quite well for me.

If you really are interested in similar products with more features, look at Motu’s BPM or FXansion’s Geist. But honestly, you’re probably fine with GA1 than needing to spend more money.

I will take a look at those, thank you.

I just tried it , and it’s still the same stuttering mess it always was. It handles basic kick drums, with short tails fine, but anything distorted or longer and it just cannot play back smoothly.

Seeing as I make gabber, it’s useless to me.

As I said - I’ll only experienced it with longer crashes and hats - there was definitely some phasing going on and I haven’t touched it for that again afterwards. I can live with a “loose” timing on kick and snares which gives more of a feeling. Maybe thats even a feature :wink:

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