groove agent one kits

Is GA one no longer? period?

All my projects that used kits from GA one, just now report that GA one is not found, however I’m pretty sure the kits I used where part of the standard kit set that are still in GA SE now. So I’m surprised that Cubase doesn’t just load GA SE to play these kits?

Looked in all the folders on my system and so far not found a Groove Agent One folder

anyone got any wisdom here?

I believe they need to be copied over from the 7.x appdata/roaming folders. I need to do this myself but haven’t gotten around to it yet, the problem only arises when I open somewhat older projects, Once the files (2 I believe) are copied, the problem should vanish.
Do a search, I know one of the threads here details which files you need to copy.

I used GA1 for all my click tracks and had a User Preset saved. All I had to do was open the new GA and all my presets were still there. They loaded up with no issue.

thanks all I’ve got GA1 now

It was in the installer under additional content

now I need to Locate Halion one?

OH cool… that’s good to know! I’ve never even looked in there. Any other VST toys in there?

no just GA1

think I have to go in the loft to get my original CD to install Halion one from the Cubase 5 cds

hell no

does anyone have a solution?


there is some information about old plugins in the Readme files found in the Cubase Pro 8 installer. You can also download Groove Agent ONE from here:


I believe that page may have some incorrect (or back-to-front…?) info Luis Dongo… Are the 64bit and 32bit directories mixed up…?

Should it read, ‘Program Files’ directory, not the ‘Programs (X86)’ for 32bit installs…? Well, that’s how it is on my machine (Win 8.1 32bit). :wink:


The Programs folder is listed like that in 64 bit versions of Windows to separate 64 bit and 32 bit programs.

You just need to use your ‘Program Files’ on the 32 bit version of Windows.

Hope this helped.

Thanks Puma 0382, I just changed it :slight_smile: