Groove Agent ONE - making new sound banks


I want to create my own bank of drum/percussion samples for GAO. I can add samples to an existing VSTPreset by dragging and dropping an audio file (imported into my project) onto a spare Drum Pad in GAO. However, I cannot see a way to remove a sound from an existing VSTPreset or change one sound with another. Is this possible? If not, is there something equivalent to an “empty” VSTPreset file that would enable me to link my sample sounds with any Drum Pad?

Thanks in advance


It is possible. When you first create an instance of Groove Agent SE, it is “empty”. If you save a VST Preset at that point, e.g. “My Empty” or “My Init”, then you will have an empty VST Preset file that you can load at any time.


This is very simple, but i know you can sometimes eat your heart out with all those elementary functions hidden away in some corner.
In the screen of GAO, under VOICE, in the most right coner you see a little trashcan. Drop the wave to the trashcan and your pad is empty again. :slight_smile:
Changing a sound from one pad to another is again just drag and drop to the place where you want it to be.

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Also, if you right click on the VST Preset section (where you load/save a VST Preset at the top of the plugin) there is a “Default Preset” submenu, where one can “Save as Default Preset”. I’ve used Cubase for a long time and I saw it just today. Presumably the current “state” of a plugin is saved as the “Default” preset. This is excellent!

Nicely done, Steinberg.