Groove Agent One Presets, MIDI Channels & Outputs

Hi Guys,
I have bought an AKA MPD18 to use as a controller for the Groove Agent one in cubase 5 on OSX.
I want to setup a new project template, included are various audio/midi/inst channels a few plugs and some VSTs.

My need:
I want to have an instance of Groove Agent One included in the template with multiple out channels and that every preset used in groove agent one has the same key assignments (note) to the same pads on the MPD.
ie. I want every preset to have pad 1 as C1 and pad 2 as c#1 and pad 3 as D1 ect.
ie. pad 1 equals output 1, pad 2 equals pad 2, pad 3 equals output 3 ect…

My problem :
Everytime i flip through the presets in groove agent one, i lose all the output routing, and they all revert to output 1 and i would have to re-assign again. AND
Everytime i flip through presets, one preset will have pad 1 on the MPD18 triggering say pad 8, then the next preset will have it triggering pad one, then the next preset will have it triggering say pad 6.

Is there any way, routing, settings, default, template ect where i can set it up so that the pads on the MPD18 allways mirror/triger the same pads on the Groove Agent One (GAO) and that the MPD18 / GAO pads always mirror the channel routing numbers?

Its so annoying and a fault of the programmers i think, that they should have always had c1 mapped to pad 1 on the GAO and c#1 mapped to pad 2 ect, whilst (if having chosen a multi out GAO) pad one of GAO outputs to output one, and pad 2 of GAO outputs to output 2.
Then if the user wants to change the outputs they can, but the default setting (and all other settings for that matter for the GAO) should stay congruent.
I don’t want to have to reroute all 16 outputs and reroute all 16 midi channel controller notes, everytime i change a preset. It should stay uniform routing and triggering regardless of which preset, unless the user decides to change it.
Also it would make it easier that IF IT HAS TO STAY THIS WAY, then you should be able to drag and drop the Note (eg c1) to another pad instead of having to rightclick and choose from drop down (which should be available too.
Eg. if a c1 note is already showing you should be able to drag it to another GAO pad, or if you want a note that isnt on one of the other 15 pads, then use the drop down to find and assign.

So can anybody tell me a solution to this?
All i want is every GAO preset to be programmed with pads triggered by chromatic sequential ordering AND for all outputs to be ordered in the same chromatic sequential ordering.
EG. pad 1 = c1 = output 1, pad 2 = c#1 = output 2 and so on FOR EVERY PRESET and then users can change routing, assigned sample or trigger note IF THEY WANT TO…

Maybe you could use only a single stereo output to test, save and modify a preset and then build your output routing once you have all of your controllers and instruments assigned.