Groove Agent One - presets missing

After installing Cubase 6 i tried to work on a drum beat for a new song, opened up Groove Agent One and looked through the presets. But they are all missing! Only four show up, and that are the ones i have customized in Cubase 5. Where can i find all the presets that are supposed to be there?


Sorry you’re having trouble.

Try this:

  1. Open Media Bay
  2. Use the “window layout tool” to enable all of the panes, the “DEFINE LOCATIONS” pane in particular
  3. Over on the far left, in the “Define Locations” pane you should see a folder for “VST Sound”. That’s where all the Steinberg stuff lives.
  4. Twirl-Down (or open) the “VST SOUND” folder. In there you should see a sub-folder for “Groove Agent One Content” (or at least one for “factory content”).
  5. Select the GA folder and click the “RESCAN” button.

My guess is its all there, CB just needs a ‘nudge’ to rememebr it. If that dosen’t work let me know here or by PM and we’ll dig a little deeper.

Hope this helps!