Groove Agent One problem. NEED HELP!

I’ve been using Sequel 3 for the past few months now, and have been very impressed with it and all its features. However, about 2 weeks ago I encountered a problem. When I try to save my project a window pops up saying:

" A serious problem has occurred. Please try to save your project under another name…" etc, etc.

I have tried saving my project under a different name but the changes are still lost. I noticed that the Groove agent One track is behaving strangely. All the pads on the editor page that I dropped samples into have been renamed to other seemingly random samples. If I freeze the track, drums will be non-existent during playback. Bizarre :confused:

I filled out and sent a support request form over a week ago but have not heard anything back from Steinberg. I am running Sequel 3.0.1 on an eMachines PC with Windows 7. Any advice would be EXTREMELY appreciated.