Groove Agent ONE problem

This is really killing me.

Since my update to 7.0.4, I have really noticed some changes for the better regarding CPU spikes and general stability of C7, which I agreed to switch to from C6.5 only when 7.0.2 was released.

one thing, though, that absolutely ruins it for me is a new issue with GAO. Aside from taking AGES to load(even on an empty project, but also in older and newer projects that contain it), it keeps causing all these horrific errors and corrupting whole projects!
Minding aside projects I have to work on using GAO, i guess if i had a different sampler i could use it, so if anyone has any recommendations for a good (free would be better) sampler to replace it untill this bug is fixed?

and now being on topic - has anyone else experienced this on 7.0.4? and is there a solution out there?

Thanks ahead

BTW i guess you might ask for specs so i’ll tell you what i know without having to check:
C7.0.4 64-bit
Windows 7, also 64-bit
8.00 GB RAM
Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.10Ghz
(I checked :wink:)
M-audio fast track pro

Aloha E,

Just the opposite for me.

Till C7 (with Allen Morgan drums) I rarely
used the GAO. (just for percussion mainly)

But I must admit after having used it for a couple of months,
(and I have done quite a bit of editing within the GAO)
I have not had a single prob with it.

Hope you get it sorted.

the more time goes by without anyone posting their experiences with this same problem, the more i’m beginning to worry…

should I just completely reinstall everything?

Worth a try. Groove Agent One works perfectly here on Windows 7, Cubase 7.04.

no GAO problems here :exclamation: