groove agent one question


it seems that the groove agent one pads can have a velocity of 1-127 (0 to 100%)


when using it, it seems that the velocity only goes from 127 (full) to about 64(half)

-> so that means that 0-64 velocity do not really do anything… (all the same volume level)
the lowest velocity level peaks the sounds at around -18db (cannot go quieter with the velocity)

has this always been like this?

thanks and greets=)

I’m going to assume that you actually mean Groove Agent SE 4.

The minimum volume when clicking on a pad seems to depend on the velocity layers assigned to that pad. Acoustic Agent kits can go pretty low.

When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME (lol, couldnt resist)

No, i am talking about groove agent one;)

Cheers for helping tho:p