Groove Agent One/saved user presets ***Solved***

I have searched on this forum but can’t find why my saved user presets in Groove Agent One do not show up in the GA One preset window. I went through several of the drum kits I use the most, created kits with separate outs, i.e Kick to out 1, Snare to out 2, hihats to out 3…and so on, also added custom samples to some pads. I then saved these kits and gave them unique names.

But now when I open an instance of GA One, my user presets don’t show up in the load preset window.

I re scanned all the vst preset folders in Media Bay that I could find but still no user presets show up in GA one.

Anyone have any idea where these GA one user presets are stored?

Thank you in advance.



Nevermind folks, Problem solved. I found the one folder I was missing in the Media Bay scan.
On Windows 7, located in “My Documents” is a folder called “VST3 Presets”. In this folder is a “Steinberg Media Technologies” folder. In this folder are the folders that store user created presets for your Steinberg VST’s.

Why are they stored here? I have no idea.

Whatever Steinberg. Now I know.