Groove Agent One: Where are the samples stored


this may be a very straight forwards question and apologies if this is already somewhere else . . . .

But I’m editing some of the pads in groove agent one to build up an “Albatross” esc type of tom sound and I’m trying to either copy the settings of one pad to another or simply reload the samples onto another pad.

But I can’t find where the samples are stored on my HD. I’ve tried doing a full hard disc search for the sample name (as in the LCD screen on Groove Agent One) but my PC never seems to find any of the samples. They don’t appoear in the media bay either.

Any suggestions gratefully received. :confused:

The samples aren´t stored as single samples, but as content file with the extension *.vstsound (at least on Win) and usually Cubase tells you / let´s you choose, where to install them…

Ah I see, I had read about content files somewhere and am aware of their location. (Under the program files/steinberg directory I think)

So does that mean that you can’t actually access the individual samples that make up - for example - 5 layers of a “tom” pad?

Thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:

I am also having touble getting sounds to play in groove agent. says no files loaded. Where do you load them to from the instllation dvd. I am using Artist 6 on a Mac.