Groove Agent One

I’m sure this is really obvious but I can’t see how you clear all of the pads in Groove Agent One. If I load some samples and decide I want to change the sounds is there a way clearing the pads? I know if I load a new pallet of sounds from the menu the original are over written but what if I just want to start a fresh with a clean slate?



If you want to start with fresh, clean GA One, just make new Instrument Track. It comes clean.

Hi, thanks for responding but that is what I have been doing and it seems a clumsy way of doing things. I thought there may be a ‘clear samples’ command/button?

Maybe you can create an empty preset?

Ah that sounds like a plan. I’ll give it a wurl.



Works Perfectly! Just created a preset called BLANK and hey presto!



That will be a prob if you only want to clear ONE cell/layer though.

Hadn’t noriced that trash can before? I think both methods give me all I need now.

Cheers Folks.

Check out P.78 of the Plug-In Reference manual
Under heading ‘Resetting Pads’ :sunglasses:

Even better!

It seems the RESET button only works when you press the shift button at the same time to prevent accidental deleting etc. That’s why I couldn’t get it to work!!! I thought it was odd not to have a ‘clear all’ button?

Note to self…read the manual.

Thanks for helping all.