Groove agent one

When i try to export song in cubase 7 the kick in groove agent one keeps on muting any suggestions on why

Use Groove Agent SE.

Do you export in Realtime, or Offline?

I export in offline and always did with no problems but dont know why this is happening

It’s not the case while playback, I guess, right?

Is only the very first hit, or all of them?

Could you try to change the Buffer Size, please?

All kicks in the song goes to mute and also i have tryed to change buffer but no difference,so in play back i turn the kick up to 3.0 in volume where it needs to be soon as i do a mixdown export the volume on the groove agent turns down to the mute position its like a midi control is triggering it wierd

I see someone posted in 2015 of the same issue but nobody has replied

I have noticed any drumkit i load in groove agent the same happen the kick volume turns down to mute position

Also tryed many times and got the kick working for the first 5 hits then dissapears that happened about 3 exports and back to normal not working at all many wierd things happening

Are you sure, you don’t automate it? How many tracks is connected to the Groove Agent One? Did you check all tracks? You know, Groove Agent is not multi-timbral.

Could you share the project somehow (Dropbox, or something like this)?

Is it the same, if you Mute all other tracks of the project?

No automation applied i just opened a different project with the same kit and exports fine so its only the one project with this issue

Ok i deleted all tracks in the project to make it simple and kept the groove agent track but i still get that issue any suggestion pls?

Ok getting closer i opened another track with another groove agent and recorded a new beat and its fine so must be in the midi notes where can i search for it

Problem solved thats what u get when you use someone elses midi drum tracks i found in edit list midi controler messages

Thanks for your support

It often catches me out as well with MIDI volumes, expression or program change data on other people’s MIDI files. A quick check can also be done in either the drum editor or key editor, if you view the part and open controller lanes, an asterisk appears next to the name of any MIDI controller that has data on it.

Probably multiple tracks with the same MIDI Channel is used.