I recently bought Cubase Elements 8 with Groove Agent SE 4 in it. I find it confusing. There seem to be a number of ways to load a kit, not all exactly the same. Then you have the pattern library that also has kits, but they are now in a number of patterns. You can load kits without patterns.

Sometimes I load things and there is just one groove. Sometimes there are many. Sometimes the pattern I choose seems to switch to another one on its own.

I have looked at a number of videos and I can follow what they do, specifically, but they do not explain why I would load with or without patterns and what this does regarding later choices. Nor how I load a kit affects choices. I think there are at least 3 ways to load a kit. Nor how once I have chosen a kit this affects what patterns I can use or how they are used.



I haven’t got a clue why it is but it certainly is a mess. Steinberg really need to hire some decent interface designers.

check out the steinberg youtube videos. There is a lot there to get you started. I agree there is a longer learning curve than most products, but there is a lot you can do with it.

Thanks for responding. I’ve downloaded a few videos and they have helped. I still don’t get the loading kits, loading patterns, various ways to do this, with specfic goals. I’ll see if I can find more videos.

Long learning curves are fine. There are so many options, it has to take a while, and I appreciate options. But what would help is an overview to place all these various options in.

Like I just watched a video which explained why the guy chose to make an instrument tack by right clicking in the project field, rather than going through PROJECT, NEW TRACK… He explained what he needed to do and why the option he chose allowed for it. Finally at least one specific use of one of a number of possible ways to open that kind of track was clear to me.

I wish Steinberg could have in its tutorials that very broad stroke outline. I am happy to trial and error futher down the possibility tree.