Groove agent + piano

Hello !

How do I set up Groove Agent on one track, piano on another. I’d like to play LIVE, have GA in Jam mode. While playing piano, from my midi keyboard controller, I’d like to have it set up, so that when I press the pads, GA will change patterns.

It works fine when GA track is active, it responds the pads from my midi keyboard. When I select my piano track, the pads no longer change patterns on GA.

Can someone help me please. How do I can the midi CC from keyboard pads -> to GA on another track ?

Select both tracks. If you’re using Cubase you can also just press the speaker icon on the track (monitoring).

Too easy ! I should have know, answer under my nose all the time :slight_smile: I was thinking too complicated, like midi routing from one instrument to another, not even sure if that’s possible. Anyway, thank you so much ! Ronnie