Groove Agent- problems hearing sounds

I am unable to hear sounds I am plotting in “Beat Designer” within the plug-in “Groove Agent” I see the midi sending, and but I do not hear anything. I am assuming it’s because Groove agent is not assigned to the right channel but I cannot find anywhere on groove agent where I can assign it to a channel. It is currently assign to a specific channel in the cubase side-bar . I just need to hear the beats I am creating, thank you

You’ll need to assign the correct output to the channel where Groove Agent is placed - that is assuming that you created an instrument track. Find the same channel on the mixer, click on ‘Routing’ (I believe it’s called) and assign it.

I don’t see where to click on routing in the mixer, can you tell me exactly where it is or what the button looks like? thank you!!

It should be on top of the channel, but I’m using mostly 7.5 these days so I’m not sure what it was called in version 6. Look for ‘routing’ or ‘output’.