Groove Agent Question

I usually use 3rd party VSTi’s. I was looking to break out of a rut and I decided to try the Groove Agent VSTi. I programmed a simple 2 bar pattern on the kick drum. But, for some reason that I can’t figure out, it’s only playing on the 1st beat of each measure. The data is there for the 8th and 16th notes and they will even sound individually. But they won’t sound on playback.

I copied the same track and triggered my EZ Drummer VSTi and it played ALL of the notes. How do I make it play all of the notes in Groove Agent?


Could you provide a screenshot, please?

Here ya go. Not sure what you’re looking for.

The screenshot shows the MIDI part and the render underneath. But I HAD TO EDIT THE RENDER TO GET THAT 8TH NOTE TO PLAY. I copied the 1st beat of the 4th measure and pasted into the previous measure.

I’m not sure what I did. But the problem seems to have corrected itself. Now, after all of that editing on the kick drum, it’s playing as it should directly from the MIDI track. This didn’t happen until I programmed a 2nd track for the Rattler Patch on beat 3 of each measure. Hopefully, that’s the end of this issue.

I hope you’re writing 80’s retro pop… 'cause that’s the only way the music will match that GUI…


I’m just fooling around with it to see how it works. Like I said, I was trying to break out of a composing rut. With the exception of Halion, I almost never used any of the included VSTi’s. I’ve got a wall of real synths and a pretty extensive collection of Sample Libraries. So I was just trying to see what I could do with any of these other resources.

So far, I’m liking a lot of the patches. Just have to get over the admittedly dated GUI. :wink: