Groove Agent question

I drag and drop Megacosm SE pattern Main 9 into a drum track whose tempo is 124 quarter notes / min
It does not play back the same as the pattern preview.
Its is filed as a 6/4 pattern but sounds like a 4/4 pattern.
It’s got a nice triplet feel.
Whether it’s dropped into a 6/4 or a 4/4 flow, it still sounds as though some kind of quantisation is going on and the pulse does not synchronise with the beats of the score.
I was playing with Groove Agent with a view to buying Simon Phillips Jazz Drums but would like to have some success first with the Groove Agent patterns supplied with Dorico 5.
Changing the quantisation preferences from the factory defaults to smaller note values makes no difference

I find that the feel is preserved well enough, but there are some additional instruments in the pattern beyond the instruments included in the Drum set (basic) kit. I’d suggest you use the Drum kit (full) instrument, as that should preserve more of the instruments in the original kit.

Dorico doesn’t create instruments when you drag and drop MIDI, but it does when you import a MIDI file.

I’m still getting a Dorico playback that sounds almost nothing like the previews.

  1. Created a new project with the single player using Drum Kit (full)
  2. Chose “All Instrument Sets” in Groove Agent SE
  3. Chose Jazz >> Fusion >>Megacosm SE (listed as 6/4)
  4. Instrument pads trigger midi sounds OK (AFAICT)
  5. Megacosm is listed as 6/4 at 120bpm so flow set to 6/4 at q=120 (Sounds more like a 4/4 groove)
  6. Selected first rest in flow
  7. Playback timing is straight / no swing
  8. Dropped the pattern into the key editor in Write mode
  9. Dorico Playback not much like preview
  10. Tried again with flow as 4/4
  11. Playback nothing much like preview.
  12. Of course the MIDI Trigger for the pattern (D#0) works great but it would be nice to give the drummer a notational hint of the groove.
  13. The Mediabay entry corresponding - assume this relates to chosen pattern - states its 124bpm … this doesn’t sound right either.

Perhaps I have just chosen a groove that has been confusingly / wrongly listed in Groove Agent or I am doing something wrong. But this particular experiment hasn’t been very successful.
Groove Agent experiments.dorico (2.8 MB)