Groove Agent records from keyboard but not pads

I have CB Elements 6 if that matters but I doubt it.
I can run Groove Agent and it records just fine when I’m using my MIDI keyboard.
And I can play it just fine when using the Groove Agent drum pads and my mouse.
But CB won’t record the notes when I’m playing it from the drum pads even though
I hear them just fine.
Why is this ? It must be something simple this simpleton is just not thinking of.



This is common for any virtual instrument. The VSTi doesn’t send the MIDI data from the Instrument to the MIDI Input of the track. There is no workaround.

Thanks Martin. Even though the answer is disappointing, as I was looking forward to inputting drum stuff on my laptop, at least it clears up the problem and was a very clear explanation. Saved me of time trying to figure out how to make the impossible work.
As to work arounds, I gather from your answer there is no magic plugin-in virtual keyboard that kan work with VSTi’s then. A shame because it would really be nice to run them and input via a keyboard showing up on a laptop.
I notice you quite alot on this forum helping folks like me. Just wanted you to know it is much appreciated.


And I guess I didn’t quite phrase it properly. Its a shame, regardless of a virtual keyboard, that there isn’t some magic plug-in that does route the VSTi MIDI out to the track’s MIDI in. Seems like it would be a trivial improvement on Cubase.


There is a separate virtual keyboard in Cubase.

Select virtual keyboard from the project menu and it opens the transport with the virtual keyboard section at left.

For the basic GA mapping select the third line underneath the qwerty symbols and now you can use the mouse on those pads or you can use the actual keyboard of your computer (only the keys shown) to record.