Groove Agent sample volume glitch

Has anyone experienced the GrooveAgentONE sample volume glitch where clicking on a pad with multiple velocity samples will reset the volume bar to full when clicked twice?

-open an instance of GrooveAgentONE
-load a factory drum kit
-change the pad edit window to amplifier and notice the Vol display in the upper right corner of the edit window (above the sample waveform graphic).
-find a pad with multilayered samples (usually a snare) and look at the volume bar when you click on the pad.
-Usually the volume bar is set to a third or almost halfway down from maximum depending on how the sound designer mixed the samples in the preset.
-When you click up and down the pad (as if testing velocity) you’ll notice that the volume bar will reset to maximum when you click multiple times. Usually this glitch is noticed with just two clicks even if you don’t click up and down the pad. Click once, see preset volume, click again and it resets to full with an audible difference in loudness.

I’m using Cubase 64bit with Mac OS 10.6.8