Groove Agent Samples missing when backing up project. Mono/stereo plugins

Hey! I would be sooo grateful if these things changed in the next version of cubase!

  1. When Backing up a project and opening it up again, all of the samples in Groove Agent disappear and you’d have to find them again. Can you make it so that all samples in Groove agent get automatically placed in a “Groove Agent Samples” file within the project file? That way, they can be found easily when opening it up in another computer!
  2. Can you please allow for mono channels to convert the audio signal to stereo when using mono/Stereo plugins that add stereo information to the signal (Like choruses, reverbs, etc).

I haven’t needed to do it with C11 butI seem to remember that >Media/Archive project has worked in the past with previous versions, where I’ve needed to gather any project relevant samples etc together prior to backing up

I have Cubase 11 and I have no problem with samples that are on actual audio tracks. But I lose the samples that are in Groove Agent.

You can save your Kits in Groove Agent with samples. Right-click on the Kit name and select “Save Kit with samples”. That is a good idea if you one day change your computer or sample library and want to take all your user kits with you.

Also I think what “Topographic_Tim” mentioned the “Prepare Archive” function (german here, don’t know how it is called in engl. version) function should also gather those samples.