Groove agent Se 4 broblem


First post and question this forum…

I moved the Cubase 7.5 project from my MBP to my mac pro. Everything working great except Groove agent on my mac pro. presets works ok but if i try to drag some sample to Groove agent it can not find it, ask to look for the file location, and when I set that, Groove Agent can not find it.

Somebody?? Help… :open_mouth:


I am not a mac person, but is it that it cannot find the file or that it cannot access the file?

It cannot find the file. The broblems start after when i move the project to Mac Pro. I tried to do same trick with empty project but its crying the same thing.

Actually it will inform the same thing with any sample and can not find it even if it is in the folder… :open_mouth:

did you “backup” your project before moving it to mac pro ?

Yep! I moved the entire file into the bin, hoping it would help, but its not. I’ll take a picture of that view, it may be something I do not understand. :slight_smile:

So here is the picture of view…

Make sure the files listed in Media bay are actually there. If you moved things around they will show up but when you click on a file to drag to Groove Agent in Media bay does it play a preview of the audio? If not then your media bay is showing files that are no longer in the same location. Do a re-scan of the folder structure on the left hand tree structure and then everything that shows up in your media bay will be in the right locations and you’ll be able to drag and drop them successfully. A quick way to check is to try and drag that same audio file into a new track on the project window. If it shows up in the project window then yes you have a problem with Groove Agent. If it doesn’t then it’s probably just a problem with the file locations that Media Bay has stored (which requires a re-scan).

Thank you so much of this advice! Last night, I noticed that Cubase 7.5 does not seem any more automation lines at all. I do not know now what´s going on now?. I think it’s best to remove the Cubase computer and install it again. :confused: