Groove Agent SE 4 & CC121: Tied sample control knobs


I spotted a bug. I posted this yesterday in the Groove Agent subforum, but I don’t think it will get enough attention there.
If I operate any control knob within the GA SE 4 with the AI KNOB of the CC121, it appears to add automation to this control (without actually adding any).

This causes problems where you need to edit parameters for multiple samples in the same pad using the SEL command. At first you are prompted to “forget automation from the context menu”, but after you do so, the message persists even there is no more such an option and you have to either reset the pad or close and open again the entire Cubase 8 program, not just the project, in order to edit the controllers independenly for each sample.

This is very frustrating given that the CC121 is supposed to integrate perfectly with Cubase and make life easier.

*In order to replicate this issue:

  1. Create an instrument track with Groove Agent SE 4.
  2. Import 2 samples in the same PAD.
  3. Change the edit mode from “PAD” to “SEL”, to edit each sample independently.
  4. Now using the CC121 AI KNOB tweak for instance the Volume knob from the “Main” tab for each sample.
  5. You will see that some kind of non-existent automation is applied and the two volumes become tied together for the two samples, plus you are prompted to “Forget Automation” from the context menu if you want to set them independently.
  6. Select “Forget Automation” and tweak again using the AI KNOB. The knobs get tied together again for both samples and there is now no “forget automation” option even if you are prompted again.
    Only solution is to restart Cubase. Closing and opening the project does not seem to correct this issue.

The same happens with any control for each sample.

Please see if you can replicate this issue in your systems too. I would be happy if you could report back.

P.S.: Steinberg support (for my country at least) is not existent. It is very disappointing not letting you contact them directly.