Groove Agent SE 4 Loosing Preset

Got an issue when using two different machines.

Project with Groove Agent SE 4 on and select a preset then open on a different computer it doesn’t load the preset.
The name of the preset is loaded but it doesn’t load any of the samples and i have to reload the preset loosing any tweaks i’d made.

My only solution is to save a version of that preset and load it up every time i swap from from computer to computer but have to remember to save as if i make any tweaks.

Any ideas?


Does it mean it loads the original preset, without your tweaking?

Do you have latest Grove Agent SE 4 update? Is it always reproducible? Are your systems using the same OS?

Doesn’t load anything apart from the name of the preset.
All up to date but one system is win10 one is win7 :confused:


And what about the parameters? How they are set up? As a default settings or previous preset, or…?

Unfortunately, I don’t have these exact two systems. I can test between Mac OS X and Win 10.

doesn’t load the parameters either

It know what the preset was but it doesn’t load.