GROOVE AGENT SE 4 MUTE GROUP FIX (pad will mute other pad)


To mute groups when created slices go to pattern bank option. At bottom. Turn on exclusive button under pad selection screen. Exclusive being pad group mute.

This also works if you copy and paste to different bank which cancels pattern loop mode.

When you copy pads that are part of a sliced loop, they are pasted as normal instrument pads, that is, they are no longer related to the loop.

select first pad shift click last pad in selection to highlight.

To then group mute.

shift click first to last pad so they are all highlighted.

go to sample tab and select one shot for continuous play.

back to edit tab in view screen top selection you will see poly and excl.

poly means how many times repeated and excl means mute group.

set all to 1 group then any pad under 1 excl will mute each other. (rather than pad number)

poly will create instant hit of pad when higher will create more. for instant hit set to 1.

hoped this helped any questions please feel free to send e mail, or private message.

Thank you

I hate this problem… groove agent one did not have this issue. It happens ALL the time when you drag your own pre sliced samples from the project menu into groove agent and the one shot mode does not respond with the correct poly and mute settings. You either have to do this fix that you say, or import each slice seperate. The only other way is to import the entire selection and then use the built in slicer in GA4/SE to avoid this… so frustrating. Such a hindrance to my workflow. Chris Dobbs also showed me another fix to where you limit the overall instruments polyphony but that creates further problems is you have other samples besides your looped ones… frustrating…please fix this.

Can someone please explain better because i cant get it to work!
I got cubase pro 8, with Groove Agent se4.
In Groove Agent one you had mute group so you could set the pads to cut off eachother.
Were and how is the same function?

it works when it wants. it needs to be fixed in a update quick :imp:

Ummm this works. Set the mute group and additionally set the pad’s maximum voices to 1.

I dont know what your doing to get it to work but it doesn’t work for us. It did at one point but then it all of a sudden stopped .I chop drag and drop my sample into groove agent 4 se and go to E at the bottom of pad 1, I make sure its highlighted yellow and go to set poly at 1 and and excl at 1 (I also try different numbers for both ) and then I go to sample and set it at one shot . and all of my pads are highlighted to make sure they all have the exact same changes and it doesn’t work anymore

THANK YOU! this is the problem everyone … you have to go to options in groove agent 4. (Make sure Global is chosen) look in the performance section and look at max voices and set it to 1 (it might be set to 128)
cubase 8 fix .JPG

I only use the full version and didn’t realize that this is about SE.
Nah, when the global voices are set to 1, there’ll be other problems.
Try to play some hihats over kick and snare and you’ll hear what I mean.

has any one figured out how to do this yet? it was so easy in cubase 5
surely this is a very simple thing to do?
i can’t figure it out or find a solution to this online at all.

any help will be much appreciated

Hi sorry for the delay.

This might help.

when the samples have been sliced in groove agent copy and paste all the sample to a different pad bank in the SAME groove agent.

all the samples are sliced on bank 1 then copy and paste those samples to bank 3 or any one you pick in the same groove agent.

a easy quick way is hold shift key on keyboard select the first then still holding shift select the last at the top all the pads should go yellow then right click copy paste to a different pad bank in the same groove agent not a different groove agent. hope this helps .


This still is broken when loading samples you have sliced in the sequencer zone. This has not been addressed ever… It is a problem in the full version as well as SE??? Does anyone help in these forums ever??