Groove Agent SE 4

I like the new update, but I’m having a few issues which others may have also.

Where have the mute groups gone or is there a play mode that makes the pads cut each other off?

When you are layering drums, how do adjust the adsr/volume for each individual sample? I can only adjust the combined samples?

when slicing is there a truncate sample function?

how does loop mode work in the sample editor, it does seem to sync to the L and R loop markers, is this a bug?

If anyone could help Id be grateful

Mute Groups:

Instrument | Edit
Look for Excl - this is probably what you mean by mute groups - known here as exclusive groups

Edit individual Samples
Look for the two buttons to the right of:
Main | Pitch | Filter | Amp | Sample | Slice ABS | SEL
Activate SEL (button goes red) - and now you can edit the adsr etc on individual samples

Truncate Sample:
You can change the individaul start and end of the samples - but I’m not sure if there is a way to ‘truncate’ (permanently delete) the start and end of a loop

I’m not quite sure what your trying to do regarding your last question -