Groove Agent (SE) 5.1.20 maintenance

The maintenance update for the application of Groove Agent (SE) 5.1.20 is now available in the Steinberg Download Assistant and we have improved several topics and areas of the software. Here is the list of the improvements - few more details can be found in the Version History in Steinberg Download Assistent in the Groove Agent 5 Folder.

  • Fixed: Browser didn’t recognize hot plugged external HD/SSD
  • Fixed: AIFF files didn’t load without changing the file extension to AIF
  • Fixed: Label “Available Memory” was changed to “Used Memory”
  • Fixed a serious error when triggering pattern pads
  • Fixed Instrument Tab could show Kits instead
  • Fixed: Error message referred to HALion instead of Groove Agent
  • Fixed: Crash during Drag and Drop from GASE to Cubase
  • Fixed: Missing context menu on right-click
  • Fixed crash while editing BeatAgent
  • Fixed crash when changing outputs in BeatAgent
  • Fixed crashes while editing
  • Fixed: Pitchbend data of patterns on slot 2-4 were sent to the kit on slot 1
  • Fixed: Prelistening MIDI patterns broke pattern pads
  • Fixed: : Drag and Drop from Cubase Media Rack to Instrument Pads not possible
  • Fixed: MediaBay set to show user content only showed all content
  • Fixed: Crash when saving a preset to the Cubase MediaBay
  • Fixed: Pattern editor was not resizable with the Load Panel visible (docked)
  • Fixed: MIDI Output malfunction
  • Fixed: Missing 0-Line
  • Fixed: Crash in Logic Pro 10.7.7 during sample playback
  • Fixed: Trying to load instruments to an Acoustic or Percussion Agent could break the Load Panel and the Load dialogs.